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Deal of the Month

Save 25% on the Alsto PV5 Pulverising Mill

The Alsto pulveriser’s design, complete with electronics incorporated into the cabinet, ensures smooth problem-free operation.

Utilising touch screen electronics and PLC, it can be programmed to take advantage of all aspects of the pulverising cycle to maximise efficiency of operation. The PV5 utilises a swing arm pneumatic system to ensure that the lid is securely clamped and includes an automatic door locking system that guarantees that moving elements of the machine cannot be accessed during the grinding cycle to maximise operator safety.

The Alsto PV5 pulverising mill is supplied with bowl, disc and lid fitted for “plug and play” operation.

Alsto’s PV5 can reduce a wide range of mineral ores and aggregate samples to a particle size of 90% passing 75 microns in a standard cycle depending on material type. Cycle times will vary according to sample mass and type.

Alsto’s unique design split cabinet makes maintenance and service a simple quick operation with all of the working components of PV5 accessible within seconds. This enables a maintenance technician to access any of the wear of driving/driven parts directly, reducing down time during scheduled maintenance.

Alsto’s PV5 has a belt driven universal shaft reducing the vibration and impact stresses on the 4.0kW motor increasing the life span of the motor.

A full range of spare parts for scheduled maintenance including wear parts, are available for maintaining optimum operation of the pulveriser.

Don’t miss out on this exceptional deal, only during July and only while stocks last!

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