Now supplying ColdBlock - the revolutionary digestion technology - ILS

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Now supplying ColdBlock – the revolutionary digestion technology

ILS is pleased to announce that we are now a distributor of the revolutionary digestion technology ColdBlock! 

ColdBlock combines the use of a unique cooling zone and focussed infrared short-waves to accurately and effectively dissolve solid sample matter for multi-element analysis. ColdBlock’s game changing technology and technique accelerates the decomposition process, minimising the need to rely on strong reagents like hydrofluoric and perchloric acids. The results are extremely precise, time-efficient digestions which occur in a fraction of the time taken via traditional means with homogenous liquid samples for analysis being provided in mere minutes.

We are proud to now offer ColdBlock’s new, cutting-edge 3rd generation digester which helps laboratories around the world increase their sample throughput and safety, without compromising on accuracy. The system is simple, easy to use and incorporates years of customer feedback, experience and development. 

By connecting our ILS clients and customers with ColdBlock technologies, we help them make the most of their operations, with ColdBlock customers reporting a 10-30% lower operating cost compared to hot block and microwave digestion methods and 50% lower operating cost compared to fire assay.

This is a great option for those in the mining, environmental, food or agriculture businesses.

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